Guide science museum


Also NEMO science museum print their guide on StonePaper.

Material: 120 micron Stonepaper
Print: Zwaan Print Media

Italian brochures


An Italian brochure about saving energy printed on StonePaper. Good choice again.

Production: Italy
Material: 200 micron StonePaper

Divers Passport

divers pasport

Sometimes you don’t realize what you could do with 100% waterproof material. Stone Paper is 100% waterproof and using these divers passports under water is ideal.

Stone Paper bags

Gemmente Almere tassen

Beautiful bags made of Stone Paper for municipality Almere.

Durable, no water use, no trees, footprint 67% lower comparing with pulp-paper bags.


Material: 200 micron Stone paper

Stone Paper maps


These maps are produced in Belgium. Stone Paper, durable and 100% waterproof.


Material: 120 micron Stone Paper


mini guides

These miniGuides are printed in Italy. The publisher is Geo4Map and the maps are printed by L’Artistica.

Material: 120 micron Stone Paper

City maps

city maps

Yes if you go to an Italy city it will be easy to find your way with this city maps. And you’re lucky because the maps made out of stone. Durable, waterproof and strong.


Material: 120 micron Stone Paper
Publisher: Geo4Maps

New labels produced in Italy


Wonderful self-adhesive labels printed in Italy by L’Artistica.
The Stone Paper labels (also well known as Marble base delivered by Avery Denisson) are 100% waterproof.

Material: 100 micron Stone Paper

Stone Paper bags also in France

small bag

You will find Stone Paper everywhere. These Stone Paper bags are made for the France market.


Matreial: 200 micron Stone Paper

National Geographic maps


Did you know we print National Geographic maps for the USA.
Wonderful choice! Strong and waterproof maps.
Material: 120 micron Stone Paper
Printed in Italy.