Alle artiklen in Kaarten

No cars in the town please

Parkeer kaart

Also Township Haarlem used Stone Paper. They try to get cars out of the centre. They made maps to show where to park around the city centre.


Material: 120 micron Stone Paper

New hiking maps


Again maps made of Stone Paper. So, beautiful and also 100% waterproof.
Durable and a responsible choice.


Material: 120 micron Stone paper

Guide science museum


Also NEMO science museum print their guide on StonePaper.

Material: 120 micron Stonepaper
Print: Zwaan Print Media

Stone Paper maps


These maps are produced in Belgium. Stone Paper, durable and 100% waterproof.


Material: 120 micron Stone Paper


mini guides

These miniGuides are printed in Italy. The publisher is Geo4Map and the maps are printed by L’Artistica.

Material: 120 micron Stone Paper

City maps

city maps

Yes if you go to an Italy city it will be easy to find your way with this city maps. And you’re lucky because the maps made out of stone. Durable, waterproof and strong.


Material: 120 micron Stone Paper
Publisher: Geo4Maps

National Geographic maps


Did you know we print National Geographic maps for the USA.
Wonderful choice! Strong and waterproof maps.
Material: 120 micron Stone Paper
Printed in Italy.

IVN Nature education


Again a great sample of Stone Paper use made for IVN nature education.

Printed on 300 micron Stone Paper which is ideal for outside use. Waterproof and durable.

Material: 300 micron Stone Paper

Printed by Ecodrukkers

Hollands Nat


Menu for Dutch drinks. It’s very wet because the ice but it doesn’t matter because it’s made of Stone Paper. And even when it’s wet you could write on it.

Material: 300 my Stone Paper


Mini guide

Let me be your guide.

Wonderful maps made of Stone Paper from Italy

Material: 120 micron Stone Paper