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Tree Time book

Tree Time book

Trees are so wonderful and beautiful. And they are extremely important for the environment. But the forest must be a biodiversity forest and not a mono culture forest for the paper industry. So, save the forest by printing a book not on wood-pulp paper but on Stone Paper.

It is a good choice to print this book about trees on Stone Paper.

Printed in Italy (information of the printer on our website)



Even the Italian brand Pininfarina made his notebooks from Stone Paper.

Made in Italy by L’Artisca Savigliano Gruppo Grafico



Stone Paper is ideal for greenhouses and plants.  100% waterproof and durable.
These wonderful labels are made of 200 micron Stone Paper.


Material: 200 micron Stone Paper

Special Events needs special material


Event goodies maken het verschil samen met Stone Paper door hun kaarten op Stone Paper te laten drukken.


Materiaal: 300 micron Stone Paper

De Geur van Thuis


Voor het Labyrinth of the senses verzamelde Mira Ticheler geuren en stenen uit de hele wereld en bracht ze samen in een interactieve installatie. Wij hebben haar gesponsord door Stone Paper beschikbaar te stellen en daar heeft Mira dankbaar gebuik van gemaakt.

Materiaal: 120 micron Stone Paper

Kunstenares Mira Ticheler

Four leaves


Four leaves aims to contribute to physical, mental and social well-being. For more information please check THIS

Material: 350 micron Stone Paper

Stone Paper Notebooks


Beautiful Stone Paper notebooks. A durable choice and also waterproof.

Made for Zermatt Summit Foundation

Material: 200 and 120 micron Stone paper

Sustainable today

Brochure map

Avery Dennison produced this Stone paper brochure map “sustainable today”. Inside different materials.

Material: 300 micron Stone Paper

Booklet Italy


This booklet is made in Italy. It is a part of a luxury case with a special pencil.

Made out of Stone Paper 300 and 200 micron.

Waterproof Notebook

waterproof book

This Waterproof Notebook is ideal for all kind of outdoor sports. Hiking, watersport, climbing, etc.

It’s from Atlava Italy

Material: Inner pages 120 micron Stone Paper / Cover neoprene