Foldable vases

Foldable vases

Foldable Stone Paper vases for home decoration and for outside. Ideal for small gardens or on balconies. You could order them on the webshop of

Devolpement/design: Wanda van Riet

Material: 300 micron Stone Paper

Marco Polo maps

MArco Polo maps

Find your way with the Marco Polo Stone Paper maps.

FORD vehicle manual

Ford manual

It is so clever to use Stone Paper for their manual.  It is durable and strong

Greetings labels

Wens labels

Now the consumer is able to choose a material which is better for the environment. So, these greetings labels are made out of Stone. Responsible choice and also 100% water proof

Material: 300 micron Stone Paper

Hyking maps from Italy


These beautiful maps are printed in Italy on 120 microns Stone Paper. Waterproof and durable.


Bicycling maps Vlaams Brabant

Vlaams Brabant

These bicycling maps made out of Stone are also printed in Belgium.
Bicycling maps Vlaams Brabant

Material: 120 micron Stone Paper

bicycling in Limburg


Again wonderful bicycling maps printed in Belgium. Waterproof and durable.

Material: 120 micron Stone Paper

Notebook for the famous bank

Notebook ABN

Also a big bank decided to use Stone Paper. Paper on the Rocks produced these notebooks made out the original Stone Paper for them.
Inside pages 120 micron Stone Paper


Eltronis Specially & security Printing labels


Eltronis Specially & security Printing printed these self-adhesive labels in Flexo. Wonderful result.

Material: 100 micron Stone Paper self-adhesive

National Geographic


A wonderfull waterproof map guide made out of Stone by National Geographic.

Inside 120 micron Stone Paper and the cover is made of 300 micron Stone Paper